Minimum Wage Commission

Coordination Office

A Coordination and Information Office supports the Minimum Wage Commission in performing its tasks in technical and organisational aspects.

This applies in particular to the statutory evaluation mandate and the adjustment of the minimum wage amount, in which the Minimum Wage Commission is supported by the Office’s labour market scientists. The criteria for evaluating the minimum wage within the framework of the report of the Minimum Wage Commission arise from Section 9 (4) MiLoG: the protection of workers, conditions of competition and employment. The consideration of impacts on employment shall be industry and region-specific. The constant evaluation shall also take the impacts of the minimum wage on productivity into account. Regarding the effects of the minimum wage, the Coordination Office shall communicate with customs authorities and the responsible federal ministries.

The Coordination Office is responsible for the editorial and technical preparation of the report on the impacts of the minimum wage, as well. As the Minimum Wage Commission’s office, it is responsible for preparing, organising and recording the commission meetings.

In its capacity as an information office, the Coordination Office also provides information on the topic of minimum wage to workers and employers.

Additional Information

Contact details of the Coordination Office:

Coordination and Information Office
Minimum Wage Commission
c/o Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
Nöldnerstraße  40-42
10317  Berlin
Phone: +49 30 51548-4194